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How To Write A Master’s Dissertation Abstract In 3 Simple Steps: Useful Tips

The abstract of a master’s dissertation is intended to include all elements of your master’s thesis. It is a summary of the entire document and should mirror the structure and format of your thesis so that anyone who reads only the abstract will have a clear picture of the questions you addressed, the research you completed, and the conclusions that you drew. By the time you are writing the abstract, your paper is complete. The hardest work is over. Your final step is to summarize everything in a few paragraphs, and here is how to do that.

  1. You should begin your abstract, which should be between 150 and 300 words, by introducing the aims and scope of the dissertation. This includes specifying your research question, explaining the significance of the question, and describing the reason that you selected the question. Include keywords that are found in your paper that will make the abstract findable by search engines.

  2. The next section you write should explore the methodologies you used for your research. This should follow the chronology of your dissertation and provide a cohesive bridge between the first section and the next. Follow this section with the findings of the research. State the significance of your research and whether or not your original questions were answered within the scope of the study. This is not the place to draw conclusions yet; this is only discussing the outcome of the research.

  3. The final step is to describe the conclusions that were reached based on the research results. This is not the place to present new information; all that should be discussed is a reflection of what was stated in the actual dissertation. New conclusions should not be drawn. When the abstract is completed, and you have checked grammar and spelling, have another person read it. They should be able to tell you whether or not they have a clear idea of what your dissertation is about without having read the whole document. The point, after all, is to provide the necessary information to readers who do not have the time or access to the entire thesis.

As you write your master’s dissertation abstract, keep in mind the goal of the document. Your writing will need to be concise and efficient in order to give readers a complete view of your thesis in just a few paragraphs. This will require you to be able to boil your paper down to the bare bones and to share the structure of it. Often these few paragraphs are all that some people will read your thesis. Leave enough time to do it justice.

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