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Searching For A Business Dissertation Sample: 5 Helpful Tips

  1. Ideally you need to search for samples that give you:
    • A great template that you can use for your own work which will help you focus on the structure and presentation. It can also help you understand the directions that you have been given which in turn will help your confidence in completing your own work.
    • Ideas for the basis for your own work, as they should be able to inspire you and at the same time reassure you.
    • An annotation so you will know the type of pitfalls to avoid and give you a better idea of what the marker will be focussed on. This will hopefully help you avoid any tiresome rewrites because of poor formatting or structure.
  2. Where to look.
    • Ask your professor if they have some additional samples that you can look at to get a better idea of the process that you need to follow.
    • Go and ask in the school or college library. They may be able to direct you to some useful books or websites.
    • They will also be able to help you r direct you to support for researching the sources of your paper.
    • Introduce yourself to the Learning Support Team. You will probably find that there are several support tutors that may be able to help you in your quest and may even be able to help you with your initial planning.
  3. Looking online
    • Look in particular for Business Course Dissertations. The structure of dissertations will vary depending on different fields of study.
    • It is common that some dissertations are actually sold to educational support websites who then turn them into samples, so you will be seeing work that is genuine and reliable.
    • But if they are online they have a large readership and may be copied by unscrupulous students. Tutors can usually spot where sections of work have been copied and pasted as the tone of the writing changes, it also leads to accusations of plagiarism.
  4. Check your guidelines.
    • Even though all the dissertations you find online are in your field of study, be aware that each may have some from a different school and have been written for a different set of guidelines. Although they are generally the same there may be some differences when it comes to the finer points.
    • Also check the level at which the work was written you may find that different levels will be given different treatment.
    • Check the mark that was achieved, again it is annotated you may be able to make a good guess as to what the mark will be. Put yourself in the position of the tutor.
  5. Useful extras.
    • Most samples are free but some websites make a charge. If they say its free then ask for your card or bank details then they are not really free.
    • Make sure if you are going to use any of the work as a guide for your own work that the author shares the same first language as you otherwise you will find that there are differences in sentence construction and there may be things that are lost in translation.
    • If you are having difficulty with your work, tell your tutor as soon as you are able.

Good Luck.


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