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Useful Advice On How To Find The Best Dissertation Database

You will need to go through several dissertations before completing your own. This perusal helps you to understand what is expected of you as well as have an idea of how your final paper should appear. Quality papers are difficult to find. Using a low quality example will only compromise your work. The secret is to find a database from where you can get a different paper whenever you need one. Use the following tips to ensure that you get a reliable dissertation database to assist you in your writing process.

Know What You Are Looking For

Different databases have unique papers. They are classified in terms of academic level, topic, discipline, etc. Your search must specify the discipline, topic or author, among other aspects that are used to identify a paper. A specific search will produce very particular results.


There people placed strategically within your reach to assist in the dissertation writing process. They include your supervisor, the committee and other members of your department. Your colleagues and especially your seniors are also available to assist since they have already identified a database or are also looking. Do not waste time searching while you can get a quick answer from a reliable source.

Identify Credible Sources

There are databases that contain low quality and non-proofread papers. Using papers from such sources will compromise your performance. Here are some of the reliable dissertation databases that will provide quality papers.

  • Libraries- University and departmental libraries contain high quality and discipline specific papers. They are vetted to safeguard the credibility of universities and libraries. This is a guaranteed source of reliable papers.
  • Online- there are dedicated websites offering high quality academic materials. They are either run for commercial purposes or by non-profit organizations. These databases are reliable whenever you are looking for a high quality paper.
  • Ask Your Supervisor- supervisors are knowledgeable and experienced in academic matters. They have interacted with numerous sources and are better placed to direct you to a good database. Their services are free of charge.

At What Price?

Commercial databases offer their dissertations at a price. Considering the price is tricky since not all highly priced papers are high quality and neither are lowly priced papers of a lower quality. Conduct due diligence before paying for any paper.

Consider the reputation of a database before getting a paper from there. A referral would be the best option. The assistance of your supervisor and the committee will save you a lot instead of trial and error.