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Where To Look For Proper Dissertation Examples In Education

It can be difficult to find proper dissertation examples on any subject, and education is no exception. It is hard to know what is really expected of you in your writing, and you don’t want to get it wrong, you want to know that the writing you sample is good and has been professionally checked. There are some great places to check for such examples.

  • University or school websites
  • Often, universities and schools will offer free samples of what they are expecting from their students. This is an excellent way to check that your dissertation is written in the proper way and the way that they want it to be written. If your own university or school website does not offer any samples, try other universities, since often guidelines will be similar across institutions.

  • Google/Google Scholar
  • If you search Google using key search terms (including ‘free’ if you don’t want to pay for your examples) you will find a multitude of essays, dissertations, papers and theses to choose from. This can often be slightly more difficult and time consuming than simply going to your university homepage, but it can offer more samples for you to look through in order to check your own work. Google scholar also offers more professional samples; so that you know what you are reading has been checked and has been officially accepted.

  • Essay writing sites
  • There are plenty of essay-writing sites online that have sample dissertations - including ones on education - for you to choose from. The downside of these is that you have to pay for them. However, if it gives you peace of mind, then the price may well be worth it.

    Additionally, these sites often offer a lot of choice of subjects, topics, and levels, and, since they are professionally written, you know that they are proper examples.

  • Forums
  • There are forums dedicated to different subjects, including education, where there are plenty of students, ex-students, and professors. From these sources, you can get a lot of different examples of academic writing. Plenty of people have already completed their education and received marks for their work. If you manage to get a sample from someone who has already received their marks, you get the benefit of knowing exactly what level the writing is. Additionally, you can discuss the dissertations with the writers and ask any and all questions that you might still have.