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Coming Up With Interesting Thesis Topics: 15 Unique Ideas

Coming up with an interesting thesis topic can be a challenge, even more so if you want your thesis topic to be unique. Browse the ideas below to see if you can find an interesting and unique thesis topic:

  1. The role women played in the American Revolution
    • There are many famous women who helped either the Americans or the English during the American Revolution. Who were they? Why did they take the side they did and in what way did they help?

  2. The significance of Mr. Collins’ position
    • In Pride and Prejudice it is no matter of circumstance that Mr. Collins is a clergyman. How does having his position make him significant and not merely a character that comes into the story and then leaves?

  3. Film’s standing next to Literature
    • Can film be taken as seriously a genre of artistic expression as Literature?

  4. How powerful was Queen Elizabeth I?
    • There are scholars who believe that Elizabeth the First had no real power and was completely in the power of her advisor, William Cecil. Did she have any real power? Did she actually order any heinous crimes?

  5. The lost skill of archery
    • According to texts from the ancient and Middle Ages, the bow and arrow was a revered weapon not only for warfare but also for sportsmanship and hunting. In today’s society is archery the same as it was back then?

  6. The advantage of a humanities education over STEM
    • The government is pushing schools and universities to focus on STEM, rather than humanities. How much would be lost if the education centers did this?

  7. Why so many go on the March for Life
    • Every year people numbering in the hundred thousands go to Washington, D.C., and walk the March for Life, why?

  8. The role of the papacy in a post-Christendom Europe
    • What is the role of the papacy in the post-Christendom European life?

  9. Which Greek city-state was more ideal: Athens or Sparta?
    • It has been debated for centuries that Athens, or Sparta, is the more ideal city-state, which is it and why?

  10. How did the English monarchy lose power to Parliament?
    • Research the decline of power of the English monarchy to Parliament.

  11. Who was the most influential person of the 20th century?
    • The 20th century saw its share of famous and infamous people, who was more influential?

  12. Why learning to play an instrument is essential
    • Why is learning to play an instrument essential? Talk about how the art of actually playing an instrument would be lost in the technical world.

  13. The symbolism in Beowulf: is it Christian or pagan?
    • Another debated subject on whether the poem Beowulf is a Christian or pagan work.

  14. How women are portrayed today in bestsellers
    • Should this portrayal be emanated?

  15. What is the purpose of leisure?
    • Take your leisure but do not be lazy, what is the difference?