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How To Make Your Dissertation Introduction Impressive

Writing a dissertation can be a daunting task for any student and - as with most things - getting started can be the hardest part. The introduction sets the tone for the rest of the essay, so it is no wonder that this is where students tend to struggle the most. If you aren’t a naturally gifted writer, you don’t need to stress about it too much. Here are some handy tips you can use to create a truly impressive dissertation introduction.

The components of an introduction should include:

  • The subject you have chosen
  • An explanation of why you chose it
  • Some background on the subject matter
  • Your goals for the essay and what you hope to achieve by the end of it

Be careful not to use an overt amount of technical words, simply in an attempt to make it sound more academic. While the paper should be formal, use your own words and ‘humanize’ it to a degree, to get your point across. The key is to make it understandable to a non-academic. Your writing needs to be in a style that someone who is not an intellectual can understand and easily follow.

Don’t allow your introduction to get boring or stuffy. Don’t fluff it up with unnecessary paragraphs. You should endeavour to draw the reader in, to make them curious and keep them wanting more. That is one of the chief aims of a good introduction. If you aren’t fascinated by what you are writing about, you cannot expect anyone else to be either.

Write a brief answer to your own question – the statement your thesis is based on – in the introduction. This does not mean you should give away the entire conclusion. Rather give enough of an answer that it piques the reader’s interest – and then state that the explanation for your conclusion will be explored thoroughly in the next part.

Don’t let writing your introduction overwhelm you. Make a decision early on as to what your subject is going to be. With the idea in your mind, you will be able to pick up on or remember things you may not have even paid attention to before. As soon as you are certain of what you will be writing about, start the research. Good research conducted early in the process will pay off later on and get you through the harder parts.

Use these tips to aid you in writing an introduction that will act as a portal to a well-thought-out and concisely written dissertation.