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20 Interesting Nursing Dissertation Question Examples

Nursing is a wide subject and has four major areas that divide the subject. When you think of choosing a topic, you can either break down your subject into these four areas, focus on one that interests you the most or the other way to choose a good topic is to skim through the pages of your textbook and identify an area that needs further research. You can also choose a title for your paper, which seems interesting for you and you think there is not enough insight on it. A dissertation is a well-documented paper, which contains knowledge and original ideas about a certain topic of interest. You can choose any topic that you feel provides a well-organized series of ideas and gain of knowledge for your readers as well as yourself

If you are to choose a valid topic for your research, you should think of something that you want to educated people about as a nurse. Below is a list of topic ideas to help you relate to or pick one for your dissertation

  1. Can a nurse teach patients how to read the food labels on certain products so that they can avoid getting sick or obese?
  2. What is the significance of family therapy for adults who face eating disorders?
  3. The relationship between mental health and poor living conditions
  4. The relationship between mental health and poor working conditions
  5. The most effective therapies or strategies to treat patients with mental health
  6. How hard it is for a nurse to continue her profession after a certain gap in the work life
  7. The best possible way to treat depression in your patients can be client centered approach
  8. Would you listen to hallucinations and illusions of your patient suffering from schizophrenia as a nurse
  9. Are nurses low paid in certain states and deserve an increase in wages
  10. What is collaborative working
  11. What is the basic principle of a nursing community
  12. Evaluate the success of community matrons in UK
  13. How does Obama Health care facilitate the nurses
  14. How can you educate teens against smoking or drugs as a nurse
  15. Is it easier to treat patients with chronic diseases or mental disorders
  16. Is text messaging a good medium of communication between nurses
  17. How does community nursing help patients with depression
  18. What is the motivating drive for a nurse
  19. The best techniques for nurses in child care
  20. Government policies on eradicating unemployment for nurses