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Where To Get Free Online Help With Your Dissertation: 4 Good Suggestions

For most students, completing a dissertation will be the hardest part of their academic career. Whether it’s in the research or writing component of your project, you’ll almost certainly need help at some point. But at many universities that help can be hard to find on campus. However, there are many online resources that can help.

Four suggestions of where to look are:

Online Consultants

There are dozens of websites for research and writing consultants, many of which specialize in dissertations. These can be a great resource for one-on-one personalized help. However, it may be a challenge to find one with specialized enough knowledge to really help with your topic. As with any online service, be

Writing Center Websites

Almost all Universities have a writing center, and many have websites that offer guidance from researching, to formatting and writing, to proper citations. If you are looking for help with a specific part of your dissertation, writing center websites can be a goldmine. They are also a great place to find samples or examples of abstracts, reference lists, and other components of your project.


If you have a question or are looking for help with some part of your dissertation, chances are there are other students out there who have the same question or who have already found the answer. Online forums, such as for dissertation help, such as PhinisheD, are a great way to access the knowledge of current or former students outside of your own university program. In addition to having your questions answered, you’ll likely pick up some good ideas and helpful tips from reading through discussions. And, when you’ve come up against a wall, online forums can be a great source of support.

Academic and Professional Organizations

In addition to student forum, you can find academic and professional organizations, websites, and list serves for your area of study. Posting questions or asking for help on these will not only connect you with other students, but also with faculty from other universities, researchers, and professionals working in your area of study. They can suggest solutions when you get hung up in the process, and sometimes even serve as informal readers for your finished dissertation. And, most importantly, they’ll have an expert level knowledge of your field of study, which will make their help all the more useful.