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Everything You Need To Know About The Chicago Style Dissertation Format

Knowing how to format academic papers is one of the challenges some students face in institutions of higher learning. This means that if you are writing a dissertation that needs to be formatted in the Chicago style and you are not familiar with this formatting style, it would pose a big challenge in your efforts towards completing your academic paper on time. This particular format is popular among students as most dissertations are formatted using the style. In order to help complete your paper in the right format, here is everything you need to know about the Chicago style format. They are as follows:

  • Avoid Fancy Fonts: Although you might be tempted to ‘beautify’ your project but instead of earning you more points, it would surely land you in trouble. The font type is usually Times New Roman with the font size at a minimum of 10 points and maximum of 14 points. There is no need to make the letters bold or italicize them except where necessary.
  • Proper Margin Settings: This is another thing you should remember about the Chicago style dissertation format. The margin should be between 1” and 1.5” and nothing more or less. If you don’t stick to this particular measurement, your supervisor or professor might be compelled to ask you to reformat your paper.
  • Appropriate Page Numbering: All the pages that make up your academic paper should have page numbers, with the exception of the title page which even though it is not numbered, is counted among the total number of pages. Numbering your paper makes it easier for you and your target audience to easily locate certain information within your paper.
  • Title Page Is Compulsory: This particular page only takes a few minutes to put together and as such, you should not have any trouble composing it. This is where your target readers see the title of your work, your name and that of your professor. The title page also includes the date of your dissertation paper’s submission, course and department. You can verify any other requirements from your supervisor or professor.
  • Reference Page Is Compulsory: This is that unique page where you mention the sources used in the course of writing your academic paper. You should include the name of the publication, author’s name and date of publication, if available.

You should ensure that your dissertation is properly organized according to the sections – title page, table of contents, abstract, acknowledgement, introduction, body of work, conclusion, references etc. In order to avoid any mistakes, it is advised that students invest in a Chicago style manual to further increase their chances of getting their academic papers approved at first submission.