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How To Use Dissertation Citation In Your Paper: Tips & Tricks

Whether you are writing an essay or a thesis (dissertation), you know that in both cases just how important it is to cite the work that another writer or researcher has produced. Try some of these tips & tricks to enable you to use citations in your paper. If you find that you run into a bit of bother then try accessing this website to get immediate help.


  • You may decide that you will need to refer to some work that you have completed in the past. It does not matter how recent or how long ago, you will need to make sure that you cite your own work.
  • Make sure that you are using the most up to date format of the referencing system. It does not matter what referencing system you use, make sure that you check whether there has been any updates.
  • Check whether the work that you wish to cite has been published. You may run into a problem if you are re-citing work that is referred to in another piece of work. Do this by checking out ProQuest dissertations through the library.
  • The more accurate with your citations the easier you make it for someone else to replicate your work or use it as a reference in their own work. Imagine how you would feel if you found that the citations were inaccurate.


  • If you are citing a paper that has already been cited in someone else's work then take a bit of time to see how they have used that citation. You may find that this is really helpful to you.
  • Always use the referencing part of the word processing package that you are using. This will save you loads of time and will be able to add the Citation or Referencing section at the touch of a button.
  • Make sure that you make a note of 'who said what' and in what paper, and how it applies to your work. Do this as you go along preferably start a project diary while you are researching your product.
  • Get someone to check through all of the citations that you have made. This may sound a bit laborious but at the end of the day it is time well spent. Consider it to be another level of proofreading .

Good Luck!