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How To Succeed At Your Dissertation Defense: Professional Advice

Are you worried because you cannot complete your dissertation on time? Do you think it is hard to compose a winning paper in the given deadline and resources? Do you waste most of your time in planning and never move to the actual writing phase? Are you about to finish your paper but not sure, if this is worth it? Do you think you will be able to get through the dissertation committee members at your university with this paper? Did you buy your paper from a professional writing agency and know nothing about it? Do you have all the necessary materials and your paper is almost complete but you do not have enough confidence to defend it? Do you lack presentation and communication skills? Are you more than confident that you will do great in front of the professors and members of the committee?

There are two cases if we evaluate the above questions carefully. In one situation, a student is very comfortable and sure he will be able to pull it off at the defense and the other situation is where the student is least confident about his work and skills

Both these situations are not ideal if you are to appear in front of the committee members in a few weeks from now. You should be neither overconfident nor under confident when you have to present your project and research to the official members at your institute. You need to stay calm and realistic and plan everything for yourself. Try to think of all the possible questions and conflicts that they may ask you about your paper. Be prepared for any question regarding your research methods, your data collection and analysis, the experimentation, the sources you use, the formatting styles, the thesis statement, overall direction of your paper and anything that you can think of.

In order to be successful at the defense and satisfy your instructors you need to be very well prepared. You should read your paper more than a several times. Even if you have written this paper on your own, you need to view it from a critical point of view. It is better to ask a friend or peer to review the paper and identify any gaps or potential lack in your area.

The last thing you want is for your paper to have proofing errors when you present it

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