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Great Dissertation Titles On History: 22 Unique Examples

One of the questions we get a lot from students is related to coming up with original and interesting dissertation titles on history. So we’ve put together this list of great examples to consider for your use or to help inspire some original ideas:

  1. The annihilation of a nation: How western expansion in the U.S. led to the extinction of the majority of Native American tribes.
  2. Prohibition and the rise of a criminal class: An alternative view of the gang lords and criminals of the late 1920s.
  3. Race and civilization: A critical analysis of how the race and civilization have affected the way people formed modern nations.
  4. Complete re-imagination of the Great Depression: Reasons why the United States benefitted from the financial fall of the late 1920s.
  5. The United States between two global wars: Culture and society in a generation between WWI and WWII.
  6. The great American experiment: how the newly formed government in the late 18th century U.S. struggled to develop.
  7. Technology and the lust for real flesh: An analysis of prostitution and the sex industry in the 21st century.
  8. Henry Ford and the automobile industry: How the assembly line revolutionized production and created a nation of wealth.
  9. Saving the green Earth: How policies and initiatives of first world countries are saving the world’s environments.
  10. Music in the age of Jazz: Genre changing characteristics of the American form of music art in the early 1930s.
  11. The Patriot Act and the development of fear: An analysis of the public’s response to discrimination as a means of preventing terrorist threats.
  12. Accepting and removing: The rise and fall of tyrants in Europe and Asia.
  13. The Industrial Revolution and creation of the American West: How did the industrial age in the U.S. effect migration and movement towards the Pacific coast.
  14. A chilling threat of global extinction: An analysis of the virtual and real threats that hung over the world’s countries because of the Cold War.
  15. The War of the Roses: A detailed observation of the events leading up to and occurring during the war over Britain.
  16. Criminalizing a nation: An observation of the reasons behind the United States’ high crime and incarceration rates of minorities.
  17. Understanding a non-existent war: The United States’ reasons for entering and unofficially fighting in Vietnam.
  18. Over-medicating America: How large pharmaceutical companies have created a culture of medication and a fear.
  19. Putting it on the card: A discussion of how credit card agencies have created a culture of indebtedness.
  20. The start of a new revolution: How the 1960s and civil acts since have created a culture that promotes sweeping government change.
  21. Everything for sale: How the Depression led to over-confidence and a population that wants to spend more than previous generations.
  22. The sport authority in government: How political decisions are made as a result of the big money that comes from sports.