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A Selection Of Free Marketing Dissertation Topics To Write About

For the best grade in a marketing class, students need to find a unique dissertation topic. There are thousands of dissertation ideas available, but many of these topics have been used in the past. For original ideas, students should start by reading through the following list of topics. They can modify the best idea or mix several of the ideas on this list together. Once the student has selected a thesis for their paper, they are ready to begin researching the topic.

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. How do club cards and membership benefits encourage consumers to shop at a particular grocery store?
  2. How can an online storefront increase customer loyalty for a typical brick-and-mortar business?
  3. How does the quality of a product increase the likelihood of a customer buying it?
  4. To what extent can marketing boost a company's revenue? What are the limitations?
  5. How has the Internet changed the way that companies market products?
  6. Since viewers can record and fast forward through their television programs, is television still a good place to market a product?
  7. How does product placement serve as an ideal marketing technique?
  8. How has the marketing of books changed since the advent of the e-book industry?
  9. Does making a promotion short- or long-term change the way that consumers respond to the promotion?
  10. Is direct marketing a useful way to build current customer relationships?
  11. Translating western brands into Chinese offers a unique way to market a problem. How does translating names like Coca-Cola offer a way to set the brand's image in China?
  12. How do marketers adjust for culture differences in different countries?
  13. How does marketing differ in individualistic and collective societies?
  14. How do grocery store chains deal with language differences in countries like Switzerland?
  15. How can companies increase their marketing potential through word-of-mouth sales? What makes a consumer pass on marketing messages?
  16. Does gender effect selective distortion when luxury items are involved?
  17. How does someone's socioeconomic status effect their buying patterns?
  18. How do consumers behave differently in online auctions than traditional auctions?
  19. What are some techniques for personalizing and customizing products? Consider the examples of Apple and Nike.
  20. How can a company build a brand identity online?
  21. How can advertisers use mobile devices as a viral marketing tool?
  22. Why do firms vary the frequency of their advertisements online and offline?
  23. How do firms use price adjustment strategies online?
  24. How important is cost in choosing an airline in the United States? Do customers prefer the cheapest rate or the most luxurious airline?
  25. Are point-of-purchase promotions still important online?