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How To Come Up With A Catchy Dissertation Topic: Expert Tips & Samples

When you have a dissertation on your head; you know that the next few months won’t be a smooth ride. There will be too much labor and strategic planning; a clever assimilation of the body and mind.

Choosing the topic

There is one thing where you can actually take inherent interest; that of choosing and conjuring the topic. However, you should take expert advices to come out with a lightning topic. Here are a few pointers to help you –

  • Relate to context – Make sure that you relate to the context of the topical theme; even in its narrowest extreme. Otherwise, the readers will feel mislead. Suppose, you are carrying a research on the 60’s Hollywood Movies, you cannot create a topic – Trace the origins of Hollywood Movies: Its crests and troughs. The topic does not indicate the 60’s period.
  • The interest quotient – Try and create those topics which are straightaway appealing to the readers. They will anyway be reluctant to go through the paper. Don’t kill their mood further by conjuring an irrelevant topic.
  • The solution orientation – Try devising a topic that leads to liberation. People love to read solutions. You can create a topic like – ‘Finding ways to counter the dread of terrorism as it seeps the society.’ It has a direction; fair and square.
  • The catchiness – The topic should be such that naturally melts into the mouth. There needs to be a haunting feeling about the topic. Think of how Google has grooved into our mindset; thanks to its unique and cute name.
  • The quest for Methodology – The topic should also direct towards a resourceful Methodology. This lends a natural gravity to the topic. A topic like ‘Establishing the potency and exclusivity of 3D printing’ puts the reader into a feeling they have an authoritative piece in hand.
  • Justice to the subject – The topic should fairly cover the spores of the subject in whole even if it maps a narrower territory. You should scheme out the topic in such fashion. E.g. Criminal psychology: analyzing the trends and minds of serial and hardliner killers.’

A catalytic start

Your dissertation will obviously only get a catalyzing start from the topic. The entire labor is yet to be done and in greater capacity. However, you know that you have perhaps begun well and you need just to maintain the tempo. The rest falls into the groove naturally.

Try to inspire the readers; so that your paper becomes emulative.

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