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Things To Consider Looking For A Free Sample Dissertation Proposal

When you are doing your undergraduate course (or even postgraduate), you will be assigned to do a dissertation before the end of your course. Obviously, it is a requirement that you complete your dissertation to a satisfactory level before you graduate. But you are going to need to submit a proposal that has to be approved by your tutor before you can even begin your work. So how can you do that?

It really isn’t that difficult to be honest, all you have to do is get a sample somewhere and follow its formats. You need to make sure you are not plagiarising though! Here are a few things that you need to consider when you are looking for free samples for your dissertation proposal:

  • Are they reliable?
  • Ask yourself this question every time! It doesn’t matter who is the author, you must always check the contents. Evaluate it to the best of your ability and try and pick out what are good and bad about the proposal.

  • Consider consulting a lecturer
  • It does not necessarily have to be a lecturer who is giving you lectures now, as it could be any lecturers. These means you could visit another department at your university and ask for help! Make sure you make an appointment beforehand though, as lecturers tend to be rather busy!

  • Are the proposal samples related to your topic?
  • This is potentially a big problem, as different subjects may have different ways of approaching the proposals. You should always look for proposals that are related to your area of study, otherwise you may misinterpret what others are trying to say.

    If you are starting your search on the Internet, then it is a relatively easy job to find proposals that you can relate to. Just spend some time and you’ll be fine!

  • Only use great proposal examples written by experts
  • This may be obvious but some people just seem to not understand this! Never use your friends’ proposal as your example! Yes, they may be smart and the proposal may be amazing, but it’s a lot better to use proposals that are written by the top academics in the country (or even in the world). It would provide you with insights and you will more likely be able to write an excellent dissertation proposal that can definitely impress your tutor!

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