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5 Useful Suggestions That Can Help You Create A Dissertation Proposal

The last year you spend in college is often spent on the writing up of some type of document. It may be a project or a thesis or a dissertation. If you are currently working on the third option from that list, you will most likely have become acquainted with your need for a proposal.

As a brief recap, nearly everyone who writes a dissertation must first prove that the idea they want to research has merit. This requires the completion of another document and its presentation to a panel of knowledgeable college officials. If they are not sufficiently impressed, to the drawing board you must return. Some students must go back several times before their work is accepted. Chances are you would not like to join their ranks.

Here are a few tips you can keep in mind if you want to avoid that fate:

  • Research your panel
  • A concept that would be welcomed with open arms by one panel might be immediately rejected by another. Sometimes its a matter of academic merit. Other times, the college itself might be too religious or conservative or not religious enough to be attracted to an idea. Know who you’re presenting to and you can better adapt your work to suit their tastes.

  • Look at previous failed proposals
  • As depressing as this may seem, by looking at what was rejected before you may be able to spot trends and prevent yourself from making the same mistakes.

  • Ask your colleagues to vet your ideas
  • Your idea is like your baby and you may love it despite its impracticality. Consider asking other people who are in your class to help you when you brainstorm. They may notice the things you don't and even help you to step out from your academic comfort zone.

  • Mix subject areas
  • This suggestion is best if your problem is a tendency to be boring. Look for overlaps between fields and propose an idea that fits in the middle of them.

  • Get a good template
  • Proposals fail not just due to content but presentation. Look for a template that obeys all the rules you have been given. This will make you less likely to create a proposal so rife with errors that it gets shut down on that basis alone.

By following these steps you will increase your chances of being welcomed to move onto the next step in writing your dissertation.

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