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Where To Find A Good Template For A Dissertation Cover Page Easily

After months of researching and writing a dissertation, creating a cover page seems ridiculously easy. Although it may seem straightforward, a cover page must be written in a certain way. Students should look up samples of cover pages or a template before they turn in their research paper. For free templates, students should consider some of the following options.

  • Ask a Professor
  • One of the first places that students should look is with their academic adviser. It is the professor's job to offer advice and input on the project. Even if the professor does not have a cover page template, they will be able to advise the student on locations that may have one.

  • Check the Library
  • Many school libraries will actually keep old dissertations on site. Since these are rarely used, they are often kept in dusty, solitary portions of the library. To find them, students should ask a librarian for help. There may also be other templates and writing guides available. If there are any other resources, the librarian will be able to let the student know where to find them.

    Other than a physical copy, students may be able to find dissertations in the library's database. The library is connected to many of the world's best academic institutions. Due to this connection, academic papers are available in a digital format. To find them, students must search for keywords. The results will list the abstracts from the paper. Students can use these abstracts to figure out which paper is about a similar academic subject or topic.

  • Visit Academic Websites
  • Some of the best writing programs will have resources available online. Since many of these are run by universities, they already have the correct formatting in place. Students can access these resources for free to get the help that they need.

  • Do a Basic Search
  • The Internet contains a wealth of resources for students. Other than research materials, there are actually free templates available online. To find these, students just need to type in “dissertation template” into their search bar. They may also want to narrow the search according to the specific writing style such as MLA, APA or Chicago style. Once the student finds a template that works for them, they can print it out and use it as a reference. If the essay is on a similar topic, students can even use the bibliography to guide their own research.