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Where To Look For Good Examples Of Literature Reviews For Dissertations

One of the major sections of your dissertation is the literature review. It is designed to provide the reader with some information about the sources that you have used to create your paper. It is your evaluation of the various resources that you have used in your paper. It is more than just a summary of its contents. Some students get confused as to what this task entails. You need to make sure that you write a solid review of the sources or you may discredit the entire dissertation which will defeat the purpose and make all that hard work that you have done go down the drain.

The main purpose of writing a review is to showcase your knowledge on the subject. You are showing your readers that you understand the vocabulary, theories, and key variables. The literature review alone can stand as its own document and can be published. It will also work to delimit the research problem, seek new lines of inquiry, avoid futile approaches, and to gain a new perspective.

One of the best ways to understand and accomplish this task is to read through some solid examples. It is essential because you will understand what your review must do and see that it is more than just a summary of the sources that you will use. Here are two great places to find examples to help you with this part of your paper.

Dissertation Database

What better place to look than a database full of published works? The compilation of these documents are usually found in online resource libraries. They can be searchable by many different factors including topic, publication date, and key words. You can find many samples that relate to your topic and even end up using some of the sources for your own paper which would take care of more than one task at a time.

Instructional sites

There are many guides that aim to explain how to successfully accomplish this task. They usually will include some solid examples because of how useful they can be to understanding the task at hand. These examples will usually also be explained which will help you understand why the author chose to include the various sections.

There are ways to accomplish this task effectively and knowing what the overall intention of this piece helps but not as much as a sample will.