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Searching For A Good Dissertation Literature Review Example

If you are pursuing for higher studies you obviously have to go for a dissertation topic. Choosing it importantly is very vital at this stage of education life. Your decision one taken cannot be revoked latter and thus you have to complete the work on your topic even though if you feel bore about it.

Most of the time students come up with unfamiliar topics thus by committing a blunder because later they would fall short of materials for their project. One must be very precise and particular about choosing his/her topic for dissertation.

What is literature review?

A literature review is done to survey articles, books, dissertations and other resources which are applicable to an issue. It may be an area of research, or theory. It must have context for a dissertation on the basis of past research.

We all know that research is such a thing that tells us a story that was yet been unknown to us whereas the literature tells us the position of our identity and livelihood in that story. It is up to the students who will move ahead with the left over story of the past invention and continue to discover more.

Purpose of a literature review:

  • It serves the purpose of identifying gaps in our current knowledge.
  • It would help you not to choose some already conducted dissertation topic. It will allow you to have variety.
  • It helps to get in to a detailed background of all the research work that has been done on that topic previously. On that you will include your new developments.
  • One of the most important facts is that it helps you to increase your spectrum of knowledge in the arena of your subject. You will gather more details about your favourite topics.
  • Seminal works can be easy identified and understood after you do your English review as dissertation topic.
  • Always will keep you in a competitive mood as you would compare your works with the works that has already been done. Your modifications will boost your spirit and make you think ahead.
  • One must have both positive and negative reviews balanced in their project. It creates the attitude of opposing viewpoints too.
  • Your dissertation topic will play one of the most important role in your C.V. as it will focus on how much interesting and innovative you can be. Thus a good topic will help you to reach great heights. Research work like this will help you in your future projects if you pursue higher studies.

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