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General Tutorial On How To Write APA Dissertation Chapters

When you follow a format for dissertation, you need to be alert towards the regulations and not make flippant errors. You obviously have the facility to check and proofread whether you have erred. The important precepts are the reference pages and the methodology.

  • The title page carries the running head where the title is mentioned in all caps. Then, the title is mentioned again in small letters (all the initials are in caps) followed by your name and the affiliated university.
  • The abstract page has all the paragraphs (one or two as it is merely 400 words) without indentation. The heading is just the word ABSTRACT which is centrally aligned and in caps with no decorations. The lines have to be double-spaced and in 12 pts Times New Roman. The rule continues throughout the paper.
  • The headings and sub-headings should follow the hierarchy wherein Roman numerals take the precedence followed by capital English letters. They are followed by Arabic numerals and small English letters.
  • You need to place in-text citations whenever you mention others’ works, quotes or tiles. A cursory reference is made in the footer and the whole reference is made in the reference page.
  • The reference page is where you acknowledge the books, journals; newspapers and web portals that you extracted information from. The authors are named in the style of last name, then first name and middle initials. You need to mention the book and the pages after that.
  • The Methodology section is where you need to ensure that all the paragraphs are well-structured and neither too long nor too short. Each method or experiment has to be described systematically. The analysis section offers the inferences in detail.
  • You also need to put in a table page if you need to categorize experiments with denominations. You also have the facility of an appendix page to define technically terms fully.
  • You need to mention names of people and places that have helped you complete the dissertation in the acknowledgement page. Remember that it is unethical to miss out of names that have been of help to you.

Remain updated

You should find the extant format guidelines from the official APA site. You should also go through certain samples for a thorough understanding of how the formatting is honored. The proofreading will have to be elaborate so that no space is left unnoticed.

Follow the guidelines and you are likely to make a perfect start.

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