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Dissertation Writing Made Simple: A Free Guide For University Students

Writing a dissertation could be one of the toughest tasks you will ever encounter in your academic life. It often takes several months and requires highly focused research. There are several approaches towards completing the project, but we thought we would make it as simple as possible and just stick with essentials. Here’s a free guide showing you how you can complete your dissertation easily:

Don’t Wait to Start

The first step in making the entire process easy is getting started as early as possible. A lot of students make the mistake of waiting until the last minute before even thinking about a topic. Meet with your advisor early in the year and go over some of your ideas. He or she should have some valuable feedback that could set you along the right path towards narrowing your topic.

Plan Your Research

Prepare yourself by purchasing all of the necessary supplies (e.g., paper, pens, notepads, calendar, etc.). Use your calendar to block out periods for research and periods for writing each draft. Leave yourself space for other obligations and some rest. Your work may suffer if you go weeks without at least a few days for a break.

Keep Your Notes Organized

The information you gather during research can become extremely confusing (and sometimes lost) if you don’t put in the effort to keep organized. This is important. Some students prefer to use notecards while others will keep their information in notebooks. We recommend you use whatever has worked the best for you in the past. However, you should choose one and stick with it throughout the project.

Make Writing a Habit

It’s important that you make writing a habit. You’ll want to set aside specific times to get work done; this could be in the morning, afternoon, or evenings. The key is that you don’t skip out on writing days. If you stick with a strict schedule for a couple of weeks your writing habit will develop and soon you’ll have an easy time starting your work without effort.

Say “So Long” to Your Life

Lastly, you should understand that working on a dissertation may mean you will have to say good-bye to a lot of things in your life. While “days off” or “sleep in days” are encouraged to help keep you from losing your mind. You will need to face the fact that you’ll be having significantly less fun than you had before starting on your dissertation. This is okay. The rewards will be well worth the sacrifices.

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