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Recommendations On How To Write Chapter 1 Of Your Dissertation

Are you struggling with your dissertation project because you want to score a good grade and get an approval from the official committee members? Do you think it is tough to write such papers because they require critical thinking and planning? It is often the case with students who are struggling with their academic papers because they are writing such an assignment for the first time. Beginning such a project is even more difficult because you need enough motivation and courage to start. Once you have started the writing phase, it is easier to stick to your plan and continue moving forward. Students who feel that dissertations are tough, should consider the following recommendations for writing their first chapter

The first chapter in your paper may vary with the format you are following. Some formats have the abstract and title page while others think it is unnecessary to add them. The first official chapter in your paper however, is the introduction. The introduction is a place where you will present your topic to the audience in an engaging manner and show them the scope of your work. This is a critical part of your paper because your audience will decide the worth of your paper from this section. If you are able to make a good first impression, then your audience will continue reading the rest of your paper as well.

Here are some important things to keep in mind if you are to create a strong chapter for your project

  1. Start your paper with an opening sentence where you will use a hook to engage your audience. The opening sentence can be one or two sentences long depending upon the sentence structure you are using. You will use a strong fact, a valuable information, an anecdote or anything that can engage your audience and develop their curiosity for the rest of the paper
  2. After you have successfully hooked your audience, the second purpose of your introduction is to explain the scope of work to the audience. You will be able to do this with the help of a thesis statement. You have to make sure that your thesis statement is precise and relevant to the rest of your assignment
  3. Keep your introduction brief and avoid talking about unnecessary details at this stage.
  4. Use smooth transitions at the end of the chapter

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