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How To Create A Strong Presentation Of A Dissertation Using Slides

One of the best ways to give a unique presentation at an academic conference is to compose an unparalleled dissertation using slides. Most of the people who take part in this do not perform well and therefore, it is your turn to come out with your outstanding work. This will earn you great points and everyone will want to be on your side. Below are ways to help you achieve this dream in your next research.

Font choice

Since most people employ the visual method to deliver their work, font choice is a very important factor to consider. The audience should be able to see your work with good acuity and should not strain at any point. For instance, the recommended font size should be 24 and above. Anything below this is unsuitable as people will face difficulties. Moreover, your slide may contain too much information. On the contrary, use of too large font limits the number of words that can fit on a single slide and this forces you to employ multiple slides. Also consider the font type. It should be absolved in such a way that everyone in the hall can see the words clearly.

Use bullet points

An effective power point should not have fully constructed sentences and should not have paragraphs. Your work will look neater if you instead employ the use of bullets to denote the commencement of a new idea. Ensure you do not use too many of them on one slide. On average, a single slide should have three to four bullets. This enhances easier reading and apprehension.

Effective use of images

One can employ images to depict varied information to the audience. As said earlier, a slide should entail as little information as possible. Therefore, use inclusion of an image accompanied by a few words is one good way to achieve this. However, one should ensure that each image is pertinent to the intended meaning and target audience. They should also be acquit enough to enhance understanding.

Write your work in form of short notes

Poor presenters will directly copy and paste the entire work to the power point. This is embarrassing and mind-numbing as readers will spend a lot of time on only one slide. Therefore, it is advisable for one to make short notes from every paragraph of the initial work.

Use a few slides

Most audience prefer as less slides as possible to avoid fatigue and humdrum. If you are yet to try this, do it today and you will be happy to get the best upshot.

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