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Master's Dissertation Proposal Samples: How To Find A Free One

Before beginning a dissertation, students should read through examples of this type of paper. A dissertation is an immensely long, in-depth paper that requires intensive research. To gain a better understanding of the writing process, students should find the best example papers and read through them.

Use an Academic Database

There are a number of databases that cater exclusively to research papers. Through one of these academic databases, students can enter in search terms related to the academic field or topic. Once they have done this, potential results will appear. Depending on the database, these examples could be completely free or require just a small registration cost.

Visit Essay Websites

Essay websites have papers that range from five paragraphs to 100 pages. Although some of these sites charge a fee, many are available for completely free. Students can use these websites to gain a better understanding of the subject matter or to brainstorm different thesis ideas.

Search the Library

Once a dissertation is complete, the university library will normally store a copy of it. These papers are normally bound and formatted like a normal book. Students who want to check out formatting or writing styles can visit their college's library. If they cannot find the location of these essays on their own, students can always ask a librarian for help.

Subscribe to an Academic Journal

There are literally hundreds of academic journals. Most subject areas will have several periodicals that cater exclusively to academic writing. Although the papers may be shorter, they offer an example of some of the best academic writing in the world. From looking at the research process to studying a writing style, students can use these journals as a source of inspiration. Before paying for a subscription, students should check their library. A university or city library may already have a subscription to the journal.

Talk to an Academic Adviser

An academic adviser is there for a reason. It is their job to guide the student through the entire writing process. Whenever students need help, they should turn to their adviser. Years ago, the professor wrote their own dissertation. They may have an example of their own paper or another student's in their office. If students have specific questions, these professors are a great source of assistance. Their insight can transform an average paper into a truly extraordinary piece of research. Students should ask for help during office hours or schedule a personal appointment with their adviser.