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How To Come Up With A Solid Accounting And Finance Dissertation Topic

Choosing a topic for your dissertation is not an easy task, though it is the first step towards writing a good good paper. This crucial step is followed by other more complex steps, even though it might seem to you that this is the most complex one. Knowledge and commitment are the two main things required to choose a good topic, though the process of writing after choosing the topic of accounting and finance requires a lot of determination, time and effort.

When choosing the topic:

  • Reflect on previous knowledge
  • Make use of your accounting and finance textbooks
  • Make a research to choose a topic
  • Make a research for each topic you thought of

Bear in mind that the topic you choose:

  • Must be interesting to you
  • Must be challenging for a research
  • Should have various sources that offer information
  • Shouldn’t be common topic for a dissertation (you will soon lose interest in wrting it if it is common topic).

Doing a research

Prior doing the research on the topic, make sure it is narrow enough to offer focusing on only one aspect of finance and accounting. If you have time do additional research to make the topic narrower. You have to back up all of your findings with data and facts in order to make the writing more authentic.

Dissertation topics on finance and accounting

You can choose a general topic for research from the list below and focus on one problem within that general topic.

A paper on finance and accounting should give a solution to particular problem. It doesn’t have to be a successful solution, but to show that you can think critically, and you can think of a solution, as a result of close observation of the particular problem. Enrich your paper with detailed analysis of the problem supported with facts and data. This shows that you understand the field and the topic itself.

  • Investments and stocks
  • Auditing
  • Financial law
  • International finance
  • Management
  • Financial accounting
  • Global economy
  • Global banking
  • Bookkeeping
  • Finance and trade
  • Comparative analysis
  • Financial performance of a company
  • Risk management in banking
  • Capital market efficiency
  • Credit risk regulation
  • Global stock exchanges
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Structured finance and sub-prime mortgage crisis
  • Price of shares
  • Banking sector and economy growth
  • Financial leverage
  • Investment
  • Microfinance
  • Internet banking and financial performance

These are only general topics that will hopefully inspire to think of a good finance and dissertation topic. At least you have somewhere to start from to develop your narrow topic on finance and accounting.